The Woodland Walks


The Woodland and Gardens contain over 370years of self-seeding springtime bulbs and flowers which blanket cover many parts of our ancient woodlands. We are very pleased also to show many heritage matured trees in our gardens which the star attraction is one Variegated Oak Tree that is the only one of its type in existence in the world.

This Oak Tree is so Famous it has been filmed by the BBC and the university of Sydney with the Australian film board who were in Ireland to film an episode of a series “The World’s Rarest Trees”. We are working on the 5k woodland and riverside walks and on part of this walk you will get permission to photograph this world famous tree.

Green Energy

On the 5k walk you will see the recently restored millrace now flowing with water from the River Deele after 40years when it lay neglected and dry. As part of the future plans for Convoy House we are presently engaged in a study to generate green electricity from the 100 year old millrace that we are lucky to have within our grounds that is supplied by the river Deele.