History of Convoy House

“The Castle Convoy House” is the most historically famous house in Donegal these are some facts of information not generally known.

Convoy House was the family home of Richard Montgomery who is an American war of Independence hero. There is a large bronze monument of Richard horse mounted in the Public Park in Philadelphia erected in his memory. There is also a secondary public school located in Rockville, Maryland called Richard Montgomery High School (RMHS) Richard Montgomery at the time of the American Revolutionary War was an American General who died while attempting to capture the British-held city of Quebec City, Quebec .

The school is usually referred to by either its full name, or by the acronym “RM.” He is interred in St. Marys Cathedral in New York and would be highly regarded in the annals of American History. The BBC filmed an episode of the Television Series of Street Detectives which told the story of his life and death which was filmed in the present Convoy House at the time of Richard’s heroic death in Quebec his family home was in the older house which is behind the present house.

More of Historical Interest is the fact that Monty 1st Viscount Bernard Law Montgomery lived for the first 14years of his life in the present Convoy House before he was sent to England to Military College, Montgomery was the field marshal who led the British and Canadian 21st army group to victory across Northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, finally receiving the surrender of the German Northern Armies on May 4th 1945 on Luneburg Heath. Thus ensuring the Freedom from Fascism for Western Europe that we have been fortunate enough to enjoy to-day